Mai Phương Kollath


Mai Phương Kollath has her own experiences with the state’s handling of racist violence. She came from Vietnam to the GDR in the 1980s as a contract worker. For over ten years she lived in the “Sonnenblumenhaus” in Rostock-Lichtenhagen. Shortly after moving out, she stands in the charred stairway of the high-rise building. Accompanied by the media, neo-Nazis and onlookers attacked the building for days in 1992 and finally set it on fire. In the following years Mai Phương tried to build bridges with a German-Vietnamese association. 25 years later the accumulated feelings unload. In a play at the Maxim-Gorki Theater in Berlin she deals with her experiences. The encounters with other victims at the NSU Tribunal strengthened her in her decision to finally talk about what had happened.