Gülüstan Ayaz-Avcı


As a young woman she came to Germany with her fiancé Ramazan. In 1985 Gülüstan was pregnant when Ramazan wanted to go shopping with a friend. But he never returned. On the way, neo-Nazis had attacked him and left him dying on the streets of Hamburg.
Gülüstan Ayaz-Avcı says that her life ended on the day Ramazan was murdered on the open streets in Hamburg. Her friends and family wanted to spare her because she was in her 9th month of pregnancy. Nevertheless, she had to see him to believe what had happened. In the hospital she did not recognize her partner. His head had been smashed in and shortly after he died. One week after the crime was the birth of her son. Gülüstan named him Ramazan. The young widow hardly noticed anything about the solidarity demonstrations in Hamburg and it took years until she found her voice to talk about the crime. Today, she and her son are in close contact with Ibrahim Arlsan and report on their experiences as witnesses at events.