Özge Pınar Sarp


She belongs to the youngest generation of immigrants from Turkey. The political scientist and activist has been living in Berlin for several years and has been involved with NSU-Watch, among others. Today she works for Opferperspektive e.V. as a councler for victims of right-wing violence.
Özge Pınar Sarp immigrated from Turkey to Germany a few years ago. As a politically committed person, she soon had to realize that the perspective of those affected was hardly represented in the German left. She began to investigate and her findings led her to people and deeds that hardly ever appear in statistics on right-wing violence. As co-author of the book “Sie haben gedacht, wir waren das” she processed her analyses and her own encounters with relatives of victims. Meanwhile, Özge herself had to realize that everyday racism had become a constant companion in her life in Germany.